UPDATE!!! RAMPAGE DECEMBER 2021 POSTPONED : https://www.rampage.eu/tickets

Because of the new Covid measures, the Rampage 2021 Weekend has been moved to March 18 & 19 of 2022. If we are back to normal on February 20th, we can stick to that date. If we are still knee-deep in covid measures, the event will be postponed to July 2 & 3 of 2022. Your ticket for the March 2020 / December 2021 event will automatically be valid for the new March 18/19 dates. 

We need a minimum of 4 weeks to produce the event and if we are not back to normal on February 20th, it will not be possible to do so. Any sign of a lingering fourth wave or strict measures concerning events will force us to move to July. There will be no way around it. If we move to July, the planned Rampage Open Air event will be moved as well. There will be more info about this when it comes to that. Thank you for your input on the polls. 

We are working very hard to navigate our way through this pandemic and make sure what we do is of the highest standard, and accommodating to your wishes as much as possible. There are reasons to doubt March can happen but at the same time there are some positive elements on the horizon as well.

Let’s all hope the numbers go down now and the next round of boosters do the trick. Meanwhile we’ll keep working on additional safeguards as well. If you have a ticket for the Rampage Renegade event (initially planned on March 18/19 but moved to October 7/8) you will receive a seperate e-mail about that one. Stay strong and stay safe, Soldiers. We look forward to welcoming you back like you won’t believe! 

More info: www.rampage.eu

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